Where there’s a project, there’s a team

Photo by Mike, Pexels

Where there’s a project, there’s a team. And in every team, the contributions of the people to the project are interconnected and, basically, the power stays in the numbers as well as in the way people manage to cooperate.

We are so very proud to have a wonderful team for the Film O’Clock International Film Festival and here it is…

Mirona Radu came up with the idea of the Festival. She is the Festival director, the person who keeps us together, comes up with the plans, with the money, basically, she is sort of the mind and soul of it all. She is attracted to the world of film by different visions of the authors and by the way they perceive the world we live in. She sees the Film O’Clock Festival as a cultural platform and is likes to challenge the boundaries as she believes there are no borders when it comes to the love for cinema.

Her secret passions apart from film and culture are travels, astrology, cosmetics, coffee, flowers and she loves dogs.

In each of the countries in which the Festival happens we have a delegate, a representative of the respective country sort of a “vessel” bringing to the team all the local flavor, the culture, the customs, the beauty and, of course, the films of his or her country.

Dian Weys is from South Africa and he not only shares the talent of South African cinema at this Festival, but also brings various voices from other countries to his own country. He loves cinema because it places us in relation to a world outside of ourselves and therefore reminds us to take responsibility for one another. Since Film O’Clock Festival links all of us through our shared time zone, he considers that it personifies cinema’s power to reach across borders and it gives us access to films, worldviews and industries we would normally not have access to. His secret or not so secret passion is hiking in nature.

Angeliki Angelidou is from Greece and her responsibility is to promote the Festival to media and film partners in her country, to help organizing the screenings in Greece, she is the liaison with local organizations and services. She loves film in general because it offers her a temporarily escape to a different world and experience stories which are far or close to her own life and she likes the Film O’Clock Festival because it brings together five different countries which are on the same meridian. Her hobby is decorating spaces and she could watch videos about decorations and houses for hours.

Andrew Mohsen is the delegate from Egypt and he brings the Egyptian world of cinema closer to us. He loves films because he feels they have the ability to create a different world that lasts forever and you can go back to is as many times as you want. As for the Film O’Clock Festival he has liked if from the very beginning, but after working on the first edition, he became very fond of the project because he discovered that different countries can find a common ground through cinema. His passion apart from film is singing and he even used to be part of a choir in the past.

Valentin Urziceanu is from Romania and he is the Creative Producer of the team. He loves movies because of the amazing impact they can have on people. And such an impact he hopes the Film O’Clock festival can have on people because is it a very generous and original idea and he feels it has a huge potential. His secret passion is games.

In our modern world one cannot do without a PR Specialist and this is what Anca Spiridon is. She has always been attracted to the immersive experience that films facilitate. She also likes how the worlds that unfold before the viewer leave him little choice but connect, be empathetic, discover and feel. She thinks that movie-going is a collective experience and Film O’Clock expands the collective we share movies with – different place, same hour, shared feelings. Her secret passion is music. She listens to music, she loves going to concerts and also, someday she wishes she will be a professional chef.

Everybody has questions and we all want answers so we have Q&A sessions and for those sessions we have a host in Cristi Marculescu. He loves the world of film because of its endless artistic possibilities and the permanent fight with censure. He feels that national cinemas don’t often get enough exposure and he is passionate about Film O’Clock Festival because he thinks it sheds a light on some local cinemas. His secret passion is cooking.

Since we speak so many languages, even if we are united by English, we do need a translator. And that is what Silvia Sbarna Bogaciu is. She has been a translator her whole life, mainly translating various forms of films: feature, short, documentaries, series. She loves the way a film can take you to a different dimension, to a different place or to a different time. And speaking about time, she likes the idea of Film O’clock because it suggests there should be a time for movies. For the time being in some countries connected by the same meridian, but hopefully all over the world someday. Apart from movies, she likes making flower arrangements.

Bogdan Mosorescu is a podcast and live-steaming specialist, but he also helps us with graphic design and with photos. Since he is passionate about images, apart from the image itself, he likes that a movie can take you from one place to another, from one planet to another, while you are in a cinema seat and every project is a brave new world. He became involved in the Film O’Clock Festival because it is unique and it tries to connect people, cultures, passions, views, feelings. His passions are riding and taking care of his bicycles.

A very positive and optimistic person, Mariia Makarova is a program coordinator, but she is also very creative and, of course, she loves watching movies. She likes the world of cinema because it is a place where all kinds of arts meet. What she likes most about this festival is the main concept – the unity of countries. She thinks that the connection allows us to see familiar things in films from a fresh perspective. She is passionate about cleaning the house using the Mari Kondo system. “Clean house, clean soul”, she says. I thinks that a lot of us would need her help.

We most definitely have a website, therefore we need someone to take care of it. That person is Cosmin Matache. He likes films because they are one of the most expressive means to show your imagination and he follows the action into the smallest details. The Film O’Clock Festival is, in his view, a means to make people understand we are so different and so similar at the same time, we are so far apart, yet united by the same meridian and brought together by films. He is very passionate about making and installing green energy systems.

Victor Morozov is a content editor and a film critic. And since he is a film critic he knows all the right words about the world of film. He thinks that films give you “the possibility to propose generous alternatives against the dominant representations of our world, by bringing largely ignored humanities, provocative ways of seeing, forgotten landscapes to the fore”. As for the Film O’Clock Festival, he likes the fact that it aims to create bonds of solidarity by bringing together audiences across several countries within physical venues (the cinema theaters, our most cherished temple). Other than films, he loves cycling both in the saddle and in front of the TV.

We are in the world of films and no film can exist without editing, so we have our very own video editor, Alice Gheorghiu who deals with video content and trailers. For her the world of films is the very thin line between imagination and reality. She thinks our festival is unique because it manages to bring people from 6 different countries together at the same time. Her (still) secret passion is music.

Andreas Belgun is an administrative coordinator. He is a man of a few words, more about doing, that saying. What he loves about film is the creative process and he considers the festival to be a new and special project. He is very passionate about foreign languages.

Any team needs a person to bring it together. For us, that person is Catalina Radu. She helps us to communicate better, she motivates us and facilitates learning for the team. She thinks that films, just like books, allow you to live more lives in a shorter period of time. And since time is mentioned, it has to be said that she loves the idea of Film O’Clock, that of sharing more since we share the same time zone. Her passion is connected to a place that makes you forget about time: the mountains. She loves hiking.

In a period when almost everything that happens in life is seen on social media, definitely we need a Social Media Assistant – Costin Sandu. He is the one to coordinate the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Festival. For him film is his favorite form of art and he likes that this film festival gives him the possibility to connect to people from the same industry for different countries. He is passionate about football – watching, not playing.

And last, but not least, Sabina Scarlat is our content assistant. When speaking about movies, she thinks of course about content, about understanding cultures and movements, about finding out new things and finding a distraction from the day-by-day life. She too likes that fact that this festival brings people from countries so far apart to watch the same films at the same time in their respective countries. She loves yoga and knitting because they calm her down.

And now, since the Film O’Clock is getting closer, let the team do its magic!