festival team

Film O’Clock’s festival board is made up of passionate film professionals from the participating countries, with vast experience in film festivals, production, and exhibition. Trained in international programs, they can utilise their knowledge about film market trends and how to attract specific national audiences.

The extended crew consists of enthusiastic young people who have collaborated in the past on previous projects in cinema, festivals, cultural strategies, and other projects ranging from small to large scale with budgets of over 2 million euro.  Not only do they know each other’s abilities and strengths, but also how to apply it and work together in order to achieve Film O’Clock’s vision.

Mirona Radu

Founder and Festival Director, Delegate for Romania

Andrew Mohsen

Delegate for Egypt


Delegate for Bulgaria

Dian Weys

Delegate for South Africa


Delegate for Lithuania

Thanasis Neofotistos

Delegate for Greece

Valentin Urziceanu

Creative Producer

Mariia Makarova

Programme Coordinator

Liana Popescu

Project Assistant

Cosmin Matache

Web Developer

Evanna Venardou

Press Office, Greece

Ben Albertyn

Coordinator South Africa

Alice Gheorghiu

Video Content

Bogdan Mosorescu

Podcast and Live-streaming

Cătălina Radu

Coach & Moderator

Andreas Belgun

Administrative Coordinator

Anca Spiridon

PR Specialist

Victor Morozov

Content Editor