Opportunities of collaboration on the 25th meridian East – the festivals’ landscape

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The Film O’Clock INDUSTRY TALKS reflect the founding concepts of the Festival that’s built on international collaboration and respect for art films.

We cordially invite you to our meeting Opportunities of collaboration on the 25th meridian East – the festivals’ landscape which will take place on Friday, March 4, 2022, at 17:00 – 18:30 (GMT +2) via Zoom. The discussion will be moderated by the Romanian film critic Cristi Mărculescu and joined by members of our curatorial team.

How does a local film festival affect the film industry across the country? What is unique about film festivals of different classes? Why is a film festival an effective driver for the development of your film? How to understand the values of program directors and selectors? How do we create, fund, and distribute the stories in such a way as to reflect international collaboration and preserve the particularities of national film culture? How to build a sustainable ecosystem around film festivals? We hope for a fruitful conversation around all these questions in an ongoing effort to keep the dialogue regarding building and developing audiences together.

We are very honored to have brilliant speakers and guests to share their experience and vision: Iliana Zakopoulou (Public Relations & Film Festivals, Greek Film Centre), Yiannis Zachopoulos (Festival Director of TiSSF, Greece), Nadine El Derini (Festival Director of Masr dot Bokra Film Festival, Egypt), Amir Ramses (Filmmaker, Former Artistic Director of El Gouna Film Festival, Egypt), Gamal Zayda (President of Sharm El Sheikh Film Festival, Egypt), Tudorița Șoldănescu (International Relations, One World Romania), Claudia Droc (International Relations, Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania), Mihai Dragomir (Executive Director, Festivalul de Istorii și Film Râșnov, Romania), Valma Pfaff (Durban International Film Festival, South Africa), Nora Angelova (Festival Coordinator, Early Bird International Student Film Festival, Bulgary), Radost Neykova (World Festival of Animated Film Varna, Bulgaria).

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