Rethinking the Classics: A Modern Perspective

Rethinking the Classics: A Modern Perspective
Saturday, March 4th, 11:30 – 13:00

Online event
1 hr 30 min

Join us for a journey into the world of cinema as we explore what it takes for a film to be considered a classic in our online talk.
“Rethinking the Classics: A Modern Perspective” brings together cinephiles, filmmakers, film critics, and other industry guests to examine the definition of a modern classic and how films from the past, present, and future fit into this category.
The one hour and a half online discussion will delve into the creative and evaluation process of filmmaking, and provide insights from industry experts on films that have become modern classics.
Challenging the heritage, the conference will also delve into the question of how relevant films created during transformative times, such as the rise of video tapes and the digital millennium, are today.
Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in a stimulating dialogue, which will not only help to immerse us in memories of these decades, but also to provide a trajectory of direction for young filmmakers on how to handle such events.

Some questions to be explored:
?️ How has the definition of a “classic” film changed in the 21st century?
?️ How do modern technologies, such as streaming platforms and social media, impact the way we consume and think about “classics”?
?️ How do Hollywood’s financial and commercial considerations shape the way we view “classic” films?
?️ How do the films that are being made today and the way they are being received will shape the future classics?
?️ How can we approach the films that have been overlooked and forgotten in the past to see their relevance and importance in today’s world?

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