The first edition of the Film O’Clock International Festival takes place between February 27 – March 3, 2021, online, simultaneously in five countries united by the 25th meridian east: Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Egypt, and South Africa through the distribution of the Festival’s agenda (films, industry events) through VOD and livestream platforms.

The Festival’s schedule contains only films produced in these countries, selected by a collective of curators from each participating country, the focus being on films whose authors share a strong artistic vision, and also on different forms of cinematic storytelling.

The concepts that form the base for Film O’Clock International Festival have two main drives: film as a narrative device for steering emotions and ideas, and quality time – spent together, the most valuable resource. Although positioned on the same meridian we are rarely aware of the fact that we share the same time with people that are far away both geographically and culturally – and that exactly this time, the founding idea of the festival, can bring us closer.

The Festival is an annual event, competitive and non-specialized, organized and produced by Creatrix Fama and Culture Reality.

The Festival programme contains a short film competition and a series of non-competitive special projections of classics for the feature length films. We respect the cinema heritage of each country and we wish to bring into the spotlight classic films because we really believe that they have shaped and enriched the cinema culture.

The main prize will be awarded by the public through its online vote.  A special prize will be rewarded by the Festival’s organizers for a short film that brings an innovative vision that promotes cinematic excellence.

Additional scheduling will contain Q&A sessions with the representatives of the films selected in the Festival, and two industry events.

General Rules

  1. The selection collective will choose the short films projected in the Festival. The short films can’t be individually subscribed into the competition. There are 15 short films in the competition from the following countries: Romania, South Africa, Egypt, Greece, and Lithuania, curated by Mirona Radu (film director, curator, Romania), Dian Weys (film director, screenwriter, South Africa), Andrew Mohsen (film critic, curator, Egypt), Ioanna Kryona (film director, curator, Greece) and Rimantė Daugėlaitė (film consultant, Lithuania).
  2. The preselection notice shall be communicated to the distributor/ film producer by mid-January 2021.
  3. Disclosure of a film’s preselection and final selection to third parties is not allowed before the publication of the official selection on the Festival’s website: FoC-IFF.com.
  4. A film confirmed in the public schedule of the Festival – competition and special projections – can’t be withdrawn.
  5. The projection’s schedule and the order of the films in the projection is established by the Festival.
  6. The schedule established by the selection collective will be officially announced by mid-February 2021, the latest.
  7. Production of the selected films must have finished before January 1, 2019.
  8. Each film will be followed by a Q&A session with the creative team and other special guests, streamed online and simultaneously through the Festival’s communication channels. The attendance at the Q&A session of at least one member of the crew team is required.
  9. The Festival has the right to project the short films selected for the competition twice during the Festival. The winning short films will be projected one more time after the Closing Ceremony.
  10. The Festival reserves the right to use stills and video excerpts for the promotion of the film and the Festival (max 3 minutes).
  11. The films’ screening will be only digital, according to the technical specifications established by the Festival. The screening copy must be delivered by the film director/ producer along with the subtitle files/dialogue list in English and in the film’s original language.
  12. The screening copy must be sent online according to the technical specs sent by the Festival, and no later than the deadline established by the Festival, in order to assure the best organizing conditions.
  13. The participation confirmation means the acceptance of the current regulations, including the confirmation that the distributor/ producer owns the distribution rights for all territories participating in the Festival and that the image rights of the persons in the film have been cleared.
  14. The audience will choose through online vote: THE BEST SHORT FILM prize with a gross value of 1000 Euro. The prize will be awarded to the producer – individual or legal person. The special prize offered by the organizers, with a gross value of 600 Euro, will be awarded to the director.
  15. The Festival reserves the right to change these Regulations at any time and without notification.

Download FestivalRules&Regulations2021(EN)
Download FestivalRules&Regulations2021(RO)