Fifteen short films from the five participating countries in this year’s edition – Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Egypt and South Africa – competed for two cash prizes, the Audience Award for Best Short Film in value of 1000 Euro, given to the producer of the film, and the Special Award offered by the organizers, in value of 600 Euro, given to the director of the short film which brings an innovative vision that promotes cinematic excellence.

Following the public vote, held online, the short films Sunday At Five (directed by Sherif El Bendary, Egypt) and The Mouse Story (directed by Miltiades Christidis, Greece) received an equal number of votes and the prize was shared between the two producers of the films (in value of 500 Euro each). The Promised (directed by Ahmed Elghoneimy, Egypt) was chosen by the organizers for the Special Award for Outstanding Directing.

“Through a clear and powerful visual construction, supported narratively by a half-absurd, half-comic conversation, in which history, freedom and politics intervene several times, The Promised investigates the tensions that arise when employees accused of protecting a historical site on the outskirts of Cairo, they face a few passers-by who choose to cross exactly through the ruins on their way to their usual daily destinations”, argues Mirona Radu, the festival’s director.

During the 5 days of the festival, the programme – screenings and all related events – had over 4000 views. All discussions with the special guests of the inaugural edition can be watched on the Festival’s YouTube channel and Festival’s Facebook Page.