From ancient times, the artistic endeavor has always been patronized by noble spirits.  We can read about sponsorships made by the roman Gaius Maecenas, the Medici family of Florence, the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, etc. They did not have much in common, but for the love of arts and architecture, of paintings and sculpture.  Important and different artists as William Shakespeare, Ludwig van Beethoven and Leonardo da Vinci sought the support of noble patrons. 

As the times have changed, the system slightly shifted, but the artists of today still need to be continuously sustained to be able to perform and gain audience. 

And so, Film O’Clock International Festival cannot exist without the involvement of patrons, partners, and financiers. 

We are looking forward to adding any and all art lovers who would like to join us supporting and promoting film talents from the meridian of 25 ° latitude east.